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Then over the following years the A fleet will quickly recede into obscurity, exiting the inventory once and for all by In other words, the Hog is still being led to slaughter house, just a little slower than what the USAF originally planned. The vast majority of the Warthog fleet about jets today will have decades of life left in them just as they are being flown to the boneyard.

Also keep in mind that the A is a fairly simple aircraft and in most cases upgrades can be done to it in a much easier fashion than its higher-performance stable mates.

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In the end, the A, just like the B, can fly well into the s and even past that if need be relative ease. This idea got a lot of attention, even though it was entirely implausible.

This was just another distraction from the real A debate, something that the USAF have become masters at over many decades of trying to kill off the popular attack jet. The other major issue here is that supposedly the A will be replaced on a one-to-one basis with FAs. This sounds nice but it does nothing to remedy the fact that the FA cannot do what the A can and never will , like fly below the weather, in tight airspace, and deal devastating and persistent direct fire attacks onto targets in dangerously close contact with friendly forces.

If you look at a map of Afghanistan, the south is dominated by flat open desert, while the east is filled with significant mountainous features. There are also weather patterns unique to these ares that challenge the ability of any aircraft to provide direct support to our ground units. Nevertheless, there was a requirement to operate under the weather in tight valleys in the east.

It is unfair to posit that the F can do the A's job; nor can the A do the F's various mission sets either. The truth is they complement one another very nicely, and keeping the As active for decades to come will likely save the USAF money, not the other way around. The glaring truth is that the Air Force simply does not need a top-of-the-line stealth fighter to take out insurgents on mopeds, or to repeatedly strafe targets after they ambush allied soldiers in some remote valley.

The A can do these jobs far better than the F can and at a fraction of the cost. It is not as if the F is incapable of close air support; far from it. But it will do the job in a more removed manner like its fast-jet brethren. Rick Burgess.

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Seller Inventory B Seller Inventory Seller Inventory BTE Featuring numerous first-hand accounts and photography from those who experienced the conflict, along with imagery from official military archives, this book offers a detailed insight into the record of the A in one of the 21st Century's most significant conflicts. Illustrator s : Laurier, Jim. Series: Combat Aircraft. Num Pages: 96 pages, illustrations. Dimension: x x 8. Weight in Grams: