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The name "celestial mechanics" is more recent than that. Newton wrote that the field should be called "rational mechanics. The gravity force acting over eons has provided the solar system with an intricate dynamical structure, much of it revealed by recent space missions. Mathematical tools and physical models are needed for a complete understanding of the subject.

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This is a multi-disciplinary subject that combines expertises from Geophysics, Dynamical Systems, and Numerical Simulations. We study the geophysical effects that modify the spin and the orbits of planets and satellites, in particular tidal effects and core-mantle friction.

Earth's motion around the Sun, not as simple as I thought

See here a movie made by the NASA Science " Understanding orbits and Kepler's laws ", for a brief historical review on the dynamics of the solar system. Boekholt, Amelia M. Stutz, Michael Fellhauer, Dominik R. Schleicher, Diego R.


Giuppone, A. Delisle, A.

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Correia, A. Leleu, P.

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    Correia, J. Their results, together with the ones of another expedition undertaken by Crommelin and Davidson to Sobral Brazil , were announced on November 6th and confirmed the General Theory of Relativity. This openned a new era in our understanding of gravity, space, time and matter In particular, they discussed the coupling between N-body and hydrodynamics. The award is granted to Gr v member Tjarda Boekholt for his recent achievements in the field of dynamical chaos in astronomical systems.

    During the annual meeting of CIDMA , Tjarda presented his new numerical N-body code and the ability to obtain reversible solutions to highly chaotic systems.

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