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For that reason, reducing energy For that reason, reducing energy consumption in every task performed by these devices is crucial. This proposal presents novelties in both the candidate selection and coordination phases, which permit increasing the performance of the network supporting multimedia traffic as well as enhancing the nodes energy efficiency.

Most of the physically disable individual satisfies their movement through motorized wheelchair. The scenario is unusual for the disables of developing countries because of their economic conditions. Moreover traditional powered Moreover traditional powered wheelchair is not comfortable to all segments of the disable society because of their complexity. Several researchers have used sophisticated technologies to operate wheelchair such as voice controlled, head gesture controlled, remote controlled wheelchair for providing better flexibility.

For being sophisticated technology Android is being used in mobile, TV or in smart watches.

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An app with mitigating required controlling facilities is implemented here that may provide a flexible movement of the certain disable community. This paper presents a systematic approach to the complex problem of high confidence performance assurance of high performance architectures based on methods used over several generations of industrial microprocessors. A taxonomy is A taxonomy is presented for performance assurance through three key stages of a product life cycle-high level performance, RTL performance, and silicon performance.

The proposed taxonomy includes two components-independent performance assurance space for each stage and a correlation performance assurance space between stages. It provides a detailed insight into the performance assurance space in terms of coverage provided taking into account capabilities and limitations of tools and methodologies used at each stage. An application of the taxonomy to cases described in the literature and to high performance Intel architectures is shown.

A mobile ad hoc network MANET is a wireless network that uses multi-hop peer-to-peer routing instead of static network infrastructure to provide network connectivity. MANETs have applications in rapidly deployed and dynamic military and MANETs have applications in rapidly deployed and dynamic military and civilian systems.

However, the simulation results from different research groups are not consistent with each other. This is because of a lack of consistency in MANET routing protocol models and application environments, including networking and user traffic profiles. Therefore, the simulation scenarios are not equitable for all protocols and conclusions cannot be generalized. Furthermore, it is difficult for one to choose a proper routing protocol for a given MANET application.

Specifically, my contribution includes the characterization of different routing protocols and compare and analyze the performance of different routing protocols. Movements of nodes in a mobile ad hoc network cause the nodes to move in and out of range from one another. As the result, there is a continuous making and breaking of links in the network, making the network connectivity topology to vary dynamically with time. Since the network relies on multi-hop transmissions for communication, this imposes major challenges for the network layer to determine the multi-hop route over which data packets can be transmitted between a given pair of source and destination nodes.

Because of this time-varying nature of the topology of mobile ad hoc networks, traditional routing techniques, such as the shortest-path and link-state protocols that are used in fixed networks, cannot be directly applied to ad hoc networks. A fundamental quality of routing protocols for ad hoc networks is that they must dynamically adapt to variations of the network topology. This is implemented by devising techniques for efficiently tracking changes in the network topology and rediscovering new. Computer architecture is one of the basic courses in computer engineering departments.


In this course both training systems and simulators are widely used for practice. The objective of this study is to compare a commercially available The objective of this study is to compare a commercially available microprocessor training system Lab-Volt and a more affordable simulator Visual Microprocessor Simulator. The comparison was based on 93 students enrolled in a computer architecture course. They were divided into two groups: one used the commercially available trainer and the other used the simulator.

The assessment data were based on the results from a questionnaire completed by students and on their academic performance in the course. The results revealed that both tools support learning computer architecture and do not have significant differences in terms of learning outcomes. However, the simulator offers visual advantages compared to the training system.

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Due to big data progress in biomedical and healthcare communities, accurate study of medical data benefits early disease recognition, patient care and community services. When the quality of medical data is incomplete the exactness of When the quality of medical data is incomplete the exactness of study is reduced. Moreover, different regions exhibit unique appearances of certain regional diseases, which may results in weakening the prediction of disease outbreaks. In the proposed system, it provides machine learning algorithms for effective prediction of various disease occurrences in disease-frequent societies.

Computer architecture and organization

It experiment the altered estimate models over real-life hospital data collected. To overcome the difficulty of incomplete data, it use a latent factor model to rebuild the missing data. It experiment on a regional chronic illness of cerebral infarction. Using structured and unstructured data from hospital it use Machine Learning Decision Tree algorithm and Map Reduce algorithm. To the best of our knowledge in the area of medical big data analytics none of the existing work focused on both data types.

Compared to several typical estimate algorithms, the calculation exactness of our proposed algorithm reaches In Industrial environments, huge amount of data is being generated which in turn collected indatabase anddata warehouses from all involved areas such as planning, process design, materials, assembly, production, quality, process control, In Industrial environments, huge amount of data is being generated which in turn collected indatabase anddata warehouses from all involved areas such as planning, process design, materials, assembly, production, quality, process control, scheduling, fault detection,shutdown, customer relation management, and so on.

Data Mining has become auseful tool for knowledge acquisition for industrial process of Iron and steel making. Due to the rapid growth in Data Mining, various industries started using data mining technology to search the hidden patterns, which might further be used to the system with the new knowledge which might design new models to enhance the production quality, productivity optimum cost and maintenance etc. The continuous improvement of all steel production process regarding the avoidance of quality deficiencies and the related improvement of production yield is an essential task of steel producer.

Therefore, zero defect strategy is popular today and to maintain it several quality assurance techniques areused.

Computer System Architecture

The present report explains the methods of data mining and describes its application in the industrial environment and especially, in the steel industry. They are fetch by any means of attack by eavesdropper like cracking the pins, crashing the OS by viruses, malwares, and plenty of ways. Apply digital logic using Boolean tables, circuit diagrams, or K-maps.

Identify the basic components of computer organization and explain how they work together.

Computer Architecture

Analyze the format of instruction sets and the operation of the instruction cycle and trace through their microinstructions. Write assembly language programs to implement low-level instructions. Analyze the hierarchical internal and external memory organization strategies and simulate the procedures utilized.

Identify current superscalar microprocessor and multiprocessor models in today's market. Identify parallelization schemes such as distributed shared-memory and cluster processing and write programs that utilize them. Implement programming techniques that lead to secure programs and identify common coding errors that lead to insecure programs such as buffer and register overflow.

Implement coding and compression techniques to solve various programming problems. Students and employees at Oakton Community College are required to demonstrate academic integrity and follow Oakton's Code of Academic Conduct. There are serious consequences to violations of the academic integrity policy. Oakton's policies and procedures provide students a fair hearing if a complaint is made against you. If you are found to have violated the policy, the minimum penalty is failure on the assignment and, a disciplinary record will be established and kept on file in the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs for a period of 3 years.

Lectures, class discussions, individual and group projects and use of a computer laboratory.

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Course may be taught as face-to-face, hybrid or online course. Note: Current textbook information for each course and section is available on Oakton's Schedule of Classes. If you have a documented learning, psychological, or physical disability you may be entitled to reasonable academic accommodations or services.

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