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Guaranteed This course has reached its minimum class size and is guaranteed to run on the scheduled date. Kernel-Space What are System Calls? Before taking this course, you should: Be proficient in the C programming language. Be comfortable using any of the available text editors e. Experience with any major Linux distribution is helpful but not strictly required.

Pre-class preparation material will be provided before class.

Linux Application Debugging with System Debugger

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Get early access to the latest Linux Foundation Training news, tutorials and exclusive offers — available only for monthly newsletter subscribers. For more details, please read on. Each of the three Bareos daemons has a built-in exception handler which, in case of an error, will attempt to produce a traceback. If successful the traceback will be emailed to you. You must have a version of Bareos with debug information and not stripped of debugging symbols.

When using a packaged version of Bareos, this requires to install the Bareos debug packages bareos-debug on RPM based systems, bareos-dbg on Debian based systems. On Linux, gdb the GNU debugger must be installed. On some systems such as Solaris, gdb may be replaced by dbx.

By default, btraceback uses bsmtp to send the traceback via email. Therefore it expects a local mail transfer daemon running. It send the traceback to root localhost via localhost. Some Linux distributions, e. While this is a good idea for hardening a system, our debug mechanismen will fail.

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To disable this feature, run as root :. If all the above conditions are met, the daemon that crashes will produce a traceback report and email it. If the above conditions are not true, you can run the debugger by hand as described below. The output produced here will look different depending on what OS and what version of the kernel you are running. Then while Bareos is running, you call the program giving it the path to the Bareos executable and the PID.

Chapter 11. Debugging Tools

In this case, it is:. It should produce an email showing you the current state of the daemon in this case the Director , and then exit leaving Bareos running as if nothing happened.

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If this is not the case, you will need to correct the problem by modifying the btraceback script.