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He lives in Venice Beach, California.

Michael Graydon and Nikole Herriott are a food, lifestyle, and interiors photography team based in Toronto. For customer service related to chroniclebooks. Chronicle Books. My Account 0 Item s Log In. Home Browse Gjelina. Add to Cart.

Gjelina: California Cooking from Venice Beach

Other Resources. There are four types of pestos and five variations of aioli , and ingredients are often measured in weight rather than volume to get the full restaurant-level precision. His fish recipes rely on the little guys sardines, anchovies , squid , echoing Gjelina's mantra of "stick[ing] close to the bottom of the food chain.

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Though pizza is Gjelina's claim to fame —the dough gets a two-page spread and the pizza guys multiple candid portraits—it's clear the New Jersey native loves his California vegetables. A whole chapter is dedicated to vegetable sides, from sumac-dusted geometric romanesco to all kinds of braised things, like grassy favas topped with pecorino to sweet corn cooked down with Fresno chiles and shallots.

That's what he does in this simple and beautiful cookbook , and we couldn't ask for anything more.

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Gjelina and What You Can Learn From Restaurant Cookbooks

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