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But how do human rights work?

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What do they do? Drawing on anthropological studies of human rights work from around the world, this book examines human rights in practice. It shows how groups and organizations mobilize human rights language in a variety of local settings, often differently from those imagined by human rights law itself. The case studies reveal the contradictions and ambiguities of human rights approaches to various forms of violence. They show that this openness is not a failure of universal human rights as a coherent legal or ethical framework but an essential element in the development of living and organic ideas of human rights in context.

About the Author Mark Goodale is an anthropologist who specializes in legal anthropology, human rights and culture, comparative ethical practice and epistemology, the anthropology of morality, and conflict studies. Her PhD is from Brandeis. Additional Information Online. By Henry J.

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Richardson III. R53 Richardson considers these origins as only formally arising about , the date the first Africans were landed at Jamestown in the British North American colony of Virginia.

He looks back to the opening of the European slave trade out of Africa and to the s and the first arrival of Africans on the North American continent. Moving through the pre-Independence period, the American Revolution, the Constitutional Convention, and the Westward Migration, the book ends around This historical period also roughly corresponds to two other key historical phenomena greatly affecting the Atlantic Ocean basin: the rise of international law as a modern legal system including European states and their Atlantic colonies and the rise and flourishing of the international slave trade in African slaves to the Americas by European and New World governments and merchants.

Only by placing African slavery in the British North American colonies in the context of the international slave system encompassing and linking the New World can the voices, struggles, demands, claims, and decisions of slaves and Free Blacks in North America towards freedom, relative to their evolving interests under international law, be properly understood. Harry A. By Tinsley E. BY37 Blackmun was seen as a quiet, safe choice to complement the increasingly conservative Court of his boyhood friend, Warren Burger.

Collins , declaring that "[f]rom this day forward, I no longer shall tinker with the machinery of death. As Linda Greenhouse and others have reported, Blackmun's law clerks prepared what would become the Callins dissent well in advance of the case coming before the Court; Blackmun's papers indicate that work began on the dissent in the summer of , and in a memo preserved in Blackmun's papers, the clerk writing the dissent wrote Blackmun that:.

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I have tried to put myself in your shoes and write a dissent that would reflect the wisdom you have gained, and the frustration you have endured, as a result of twenty years of enforcing the death penalty on this Court. Blackmun and his clerks then sought an appropriate case to serve as a "vehicle for [the] dissent," and settled on Callins. In his emotional dissent in 's DeShaney v.

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Winnebago County , rejecting the constitutional liability of the state of Wisconsin for four-year-old Joshua DeShaney, who was beaten until brain-damaged by his abusive father, Blackmun famously opined, "Poor Joshua! Collins , where the Court refused to find a constitutional right for convicted prisoners to introduce new evidence of "actual innocence" for purposes of obtaining federal relief, Blackmun argued in a section joined by no other justice that "The execution of a person who can show that he is innocent comes perilously close to simple murder.

In Stanton v. Stanton , a case striking down a state's definitions of adulthood males reaching it at 21, women at 18 , Blackmun wrote:. A child, male or female, is still a child No longer is the female destined solely for the home and the rearing of the family, and only the male for the marketplace and the world of ideas If a specified age of minority is required for the boy in order to assure him parental support while he attains his education and training, so, too, is it for the girl.

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Compared to other Justices on the Supreme Court, Blackmun gave his law clerks great latitude in drafting opinions, such as his opinion in Planned Parenthood v. It has also been revealed by Blackmun in a oral history with Harold Koh that his dissent in Bowers v. Hardwick was written by a clerk, Pam Karlan. Blackmun said of the dissent; "[K]arlan did a lot of very effective writing, and I owe a lot to her and her ability in getting that dissent out. She felt very strongly about it, and I think is correct in her approach to it. I think the dissent is correct. When Blackmun's papers were released at the Library of Congress , his sometimes negative notations regarding fellow Justice Clarence Thomas came to light.

Blackmun Rotunda at the St. Louis federal courthouse, mentioning that Blackmun drove a blue Volkswagen Beetle and would tell fast food patrons that he was "Harry. I work for the government. Blackmun and Justice Potter Stewart shared an obsessive following of baseball. In one oral argument on October 10, , Stewart passed Blackmun a note that read, " V. Blackmun announced his retirement from the Supreme Court in April , four months before he officially left the bench, assuming retired status on August 3, By then, he had become the court's most liberal justice.

On February 22, , Blackmun fell in his home and broke his hip. The next day, he underwent hip replacement surgery at Arlington Hospital in Arlington, Virginia , but he never fully recovered. Ten days later, on March 4, at the age of 90, he died at A.

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In the Library of Congress released his voluminous files. Blackmun had kept all the documents from every case, notes the Justices passed between themselves, 10 percent of the mail he received, and numerous other documents. After Blackmun announced his retirement from the Court, he recorded a hour oral history with one of his former law clerks, former Yale Law School dean Harold Koh , which was also released. In it, he discusses his thoughts on everything from his important Court cases to the Supreme Court piano, though some Supreme Court experts such as David Garrow have cast doubt on the accuracy of some of Blackmun's recollections, especially his thoughts on the Court's deliberations on Roe v.

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Jan Crawford's Supreme Conflict also draws heavily from the papers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American judge. Carl Boyer. Retrieved 15 March — via Google Books. The Brethren. Supreme Court of the United States. Retrieved April 26, Becoming Justice Blackmun. Times Books. Page Superior Court". Retrieved May 4, Legal Affairs. Archived from the original on October 15, Collins,, U. Retrieved December 13, Fletcher October 10, The Washington Post.

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Retrieved October 19, Accessed August 24, Retrieved 15 March Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States. Chief justices. Taney — , cases Salmon P. Stone — , cases Fred M. Vinson — , cases Earl Warren — , cases Warren E. Burger — , cases William Rehnquist — , cases John Roberts —present , cases.

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Associate justices. Johnson — Paterson — S. Chase — Washington — Moore — W. Lamar — Brewer — Brown — Shiras — H. Jackson — E. Jackson — W.

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