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In that respect, Language and Love is a kind of theological meditation on the Confessions testing out a horizon of belief.

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Mallard views Augustine as a master of the spoken word in an age of broken and abused language and the Confessions as a historic masterpiece of rhetoric. He contends that Augustine is the ancestor of many today who offer social and political hope through fresh rhetorical vitality. Philosophy of Religion.

Language and Love

History of Religion. Samenvatting Philip Burton explores Augustine's treatment of language in his Confessions - a major work of Western philosophy and literature, with continuing intellectual importance. One of Augustine's key concerns is the story of his own encounters with language: from his acquisition of language as a child, through his career as schoolboy orator then star student at Carthage, to professor of rhetoric at Carthage and Rome.

Having worked his way up to the eminence of Court Orator to the Roman Emperor at Milan, Augustine rediscovered the catholic Christianity of his childhood - and decided that this was incompatible with his rhetorical profession. Over the next ten years, he gradually reinvents himself as a different sort of language professional: a Christian intellectual, commentating on Scripture and preaching to his flock. Recensie s Burton's book is a creative addition to the scholarship on the Confessions, well worth reading in its entirety by specialists onAugustine, but as articles, too, by any with interests in the individual topics The result is unusual, welcome, and refreshing Any detailed interpretation of passages that contain some of the words and concepts examined by Burton may benefit by taking into account the insights from his book.

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    Language in the Confessions of Augustine

    Give some examples. Is the idea of language particularly important for Christianity in this book?

    What are some examples of the importance of language to Christianity? What are some moments where particular modes of language—speech, literature, writing, reading, etc. Augustine's relationship to language is instrumental in his conversion.

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