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Product Info Product Support. Models: RPT 2. Discussion Board Intended as a peer to peer support tool or feedback mechanism. If you require immediate support, please contact BE Technical Services. Requires Registered User Login. Each receiver is offered in a wide range of band models for maximum flexibility. A subaudible tone decoder is also available for signaling, automation control or automatic repeater. RPU accessories increase the functionality of your remote broadcast gear!

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RF Technical Services. Repair Center and Parts. Information Center Company News. Adjust C36 and C37 for maximum indication on the wattmeter connected to J2 with R14 power pot set for maximum. Adjust power level to approximately 1. Remove wattmeter from J2 and re-install coaxial cable plug at J2.

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Connect a Adjust collector output matching capacitors C16, C17, C18 in the final stage for best efficiency at rated output by slightly retuning for minimum current at rated power out. Replace power amp cover with the four screws. Recheck power output and adjust R14 if necessary.

Connect an accurate standard FM deviation meter and frequency counter to. This voltage should be between 4. If necessary, coarse adjustment can be made using L2 for F1 and L3 for F2. Encode switch should be off during this adjustment. Connect an audio voltmeter to the output terminals of the Marti receiver.

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Remove Hz tone. The RF output frequency of this transmitter should be measured as often as necessary to insure on-frequency operation and to comply with regulations. Frequency measurement can be made at the FREQ. Feed a microvolt signal from the transmitter into the receiver RF input. The input stage of the receiver will be destroyed instantly!

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Modulate the transmitter with a Hz tone at 3 dB compression. Note distortion. Slowly turn R26 clockwise until an additional 0. To remove Pre-Amp Board, , from the chassis follow the outlined procedure with care: 1. Remove knobs and hardware from four level control pots on front panel. Notice the Neutrik mic. This hole contains a tiny locking mechanism.

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Using a small 0. Use care! After following the above procedure on each input, gently push the black plastic inserts out of the metal shells while simultaneously pushing the gain adjust pots inward until the board releases from the front panel. Remove board from the chassis and service.

To reinstall board reverse the above procedure. Be careful!

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The locking mechanism is delicate. Read Free For 30 Days. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. High Power Amplifier Matrix 1. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Main Frame Schematic, Audio Board Schematic, Modulator Board Schematic, Multiplier Board Schematic, Output Filter Board Schematic, Power Supply Board Schematic, Meter Board Board Schematic, Downloaded from www.

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A meter and selector switch are provided for monitoring audio compression, RF output, and power supply voltage. Frequency separation 1. Frequency Stability: Mobile:. Weight: Net Dimensions: If damage is discovered, stop further unpacking and request immediate inspection Downloaded from www. Excessively long extension cords should be avoided since the voltage drop can degrade equipment Downloaded from www.

Transmitter Mounting Downloaded from www. Pressurized line should be checked for several days under pressure before installation on a tower to ensure that there are no leaks in the line or fittings Moisture Proofing Coax Connectors and Fittings Extreme care must be exercised with coaxial cable before and after connectors have been installed to ensure that moisture does not enter the line.