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In order to facilitate this international service, Yahoo! The head of consumer e-business for HSBC vie wed the e-partnership as a great way to grow the customer base and the HSBC brand because of the nature of this international network of service. Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company.

Plu mtree Software is the Enterprise Web leader. The Enterprise Web is designed to create a comprehensive Web environment for emp loyees, customers and partners across the enterprise to interact with different systems and work together. The partnership allows PartnerRe to offer a collaborative work p latform to over staff me mbers worldwide. A significant pillar of the co mpany is the print technology, providing a basis for the software print solutions developed for server-based, Web-based and mobile co mputing.

Channeling Nirvana: How to Empower Your Partners to Maximize Profits

The partnership has given ThinPrint access to a wide range of market-leading resellers and allo ws it to raise the profile of its Web-based, mobility and printing solutions. With the integration, ProactiveNet will be able to detect any performance degradation in the Auspex system as well as the bridges, routers, fire walls and other hardware and software through which an Internet transaction must pass on its way to and from the end user.

In short, the epartnership between the two enables their customers, not only to store, serve and manage their files with Auspex servers, but also have a ready solution for integrating Auspex filers into their enterprise management model. The site has been used to cast over 40, roles for more than 7, projects since its launch. Currently, AT2 receives over 1. The company has also entered corporate partnerships with other dotcom companies such as SpeakerDirect see Chapter VII for a case study of SpeakerDirect to leverage the complementary skills and networks of its e-partners.

Overview of E-Partnerships 25 Summary This chapter presents an introduction and overview of a wide range of epartnerships in different forms, structures, industry sectors and in different nations, and reviews the first wave of e-partnerships before the dotcom crash and their current development.

It should be noted that the word partnership has been a buzzword in many press releases and marketing campaigns, and sometimes it does not have much substance. This chapter examines and defines the actual meaning of e-partnership and sets the scope of discussion for the entire book. References Akhurst, B. Life in the fast lane proves an irresistible lure. The Australian Financial Review, 6. Seattle: Author. Sideware signs e-business partnership with BranTech. De Man, G. Vasudevan Eds. London: Imperial College Press. Breitkopf, D. American Banker, , Buyukozkan, G.

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Deise, M. De Man, A. Strategies for e-partnering: Moving brick-and-mortar online.

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  • The right type of partnership can maximize tax savings.

Groningen: Gopher Publishers. E-partnering: Moving bricks and mortar online. European Management Journal, 20 4 , DeMark, E. Companies must adapt to the Internet to survive. The CPA Journal, 74 4 , 9. Ernst, D. A future for ealliances. McKinsey Quarterly, 2, George, T. PlayStation 2 users to be offered highspeed Web access. Strategic partners. Greenblat, E. IT reboots its bottom line. Greif, J. Risky e-business.

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Carr Ed. Boston: Harvard Business School.

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    A new age e-business model for SME. Brisbane: Southern Cross University. Kersten, W.

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    The right type of partnership can maximize tax savings

    Shopcreator: FloorsGo trades online with Shopcreator in just four weeks; Cart abandonment reduced through bespoke Floor Pack calculator; major order as a result of BT and Shopcreator partnership. Unipalm: Unipalm teams up with ThinPrint e-business and security specialist to distribute software printing solutions for thin client, Web and mobile environments in the UK and Ireland.

    Malone, M. Welcome to the age of virtual corporations.

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    Computer Currents, 12 1 , Maslog-Levis, K. Yahoo signs Web hosting deal with Destra. ZDNet Australia. McShane, L.