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The solution to ending the tears of traumatized children is not building bigger cages to house the entire family. Systemic racism denies our humanity as a means of denying our freedom and political power. Our collective fight must center around freedom, dignity, and safety for all families. Race Forward is committed to partnering with, supporting, and standing in solidarity with communities and grassroots groups across the country who are working to end systemic racism in all of its manifestations.

Here are five ways you can help support detained immigrant families today. Learn more about how you can help support groups working to end the detention of immigrant families and the mass criminalization of all communities of color by visiting Colorlines and Mass Freedom. Skip to main content.

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Order on Immigration The human rights catastrophe occurring on our borders and in detention centers across the country is not, and never has been, about keeping America safe. The goal of the Academy for Justice was to make the relevant law and literature accessible to those who might use this information and analysis in discussing and implementing criminal justice reforms. By connecting the world of academics with real-world policy and practice, the Academy for Justice sought to help bridge the gap between scholarship on the books and the reform of criminal justice on the ground.

In October , the Academy for Justice released Reforming Criminal Justice , a four-volume report authored and reviewed by leading scholars in criminal law and other disciplines, and detailing potential areas of criminal justice reform and policy recommendations to achieve such reform.

Inmates can qualify for earned release credits that allow them to serve the final 15 percent of their sentences under community supervision. A law enacted earlier this year, Senate Bill , allows inmates who were convicted solely of drug offenses to qualify for early release after serving 70 percent of their sentences. August 1, - Even as they are separated from their communities, the men who are incarcerated at the Arizona State Prison Complex in Florence are finding a way to give back, with help from Arizona State University.

Two ASU students have organized a gallery show of art made by the men, and sales will benefit a nonprofit that provides art therapy to traumatized children. Friday, Aug.

She wished she could thank Obama for his help. I made the honor roll.

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But even as she walked away, prison followed her. Reforming Criminal Justice is a four-volume report meant to enlighten reform efforts in the United States with the research and analysis of leading academics. Broken down into individual chapters—each authored by a top scholar in the relevant field—the report covers dozens of topics within the areas of criminalization, policing, pretrial and trial processes, punishment, incarceration, and release.

Erik Luna is the Amelia D. Professor Luna teaches and writes primarily in the areas of criminal law and criminal procedure.

Luna has received two Fulbright awards. Brown Chair in Law at the University of Utah. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Southern California and received his J. Her experiences as a federal prosecutor in D.

The Birth of ‘Illegal’ Immigration

She created the first Forensic Justice LL. Michael studies criminal law and public policy, with a focus on culpability, sentencing reform, and government decision-making. His current research explores ways of building a less punitive and more equitable criminal justice system that is consistent with our moral responsibility judgments.

Michael currently advises state governments on criminal code and sentencing reform, building on his years of experience working on criminal justice policy as a senior advisor and legislative counsel. Sentencing Commission. She has a long history of administrative experience ranging from administrative roles in the insurance industry to the public school system, as well as city government.

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She has shown her work in many galleries in Portland, Oregon as well as creating mural work in private residences and businesses. Suzanne is a native to Arizona, as is her entire family. After spending several years in Portland, Oregon working for an art gallery, as well as working on her artistic endeavors, she has returned to the valley to be near family and further her education.

She has practiced primarily in the government sector during her career, including in the areas of juvenile and administrative law as an Assistant Attorney General with the Arizona Office of the Attorney General, and as Senior Staff Attorney with the Central Arizona Project. Ben A. He teaches and writes primarily in the areas of criminal law and criminal procedure. He is particularly interested in the relationship between the criminal law's normative aims and the social construction of gender and sexuality.

Prior to joining the ASU faculty, McJunkin represented clients in pre-indictment criminal investigations conducted by the Department of Justice and other federal agencies, and served as an Alumni Fellow at the University of Michigan Law School.