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NOTE: A lot of engineers will simply buss together the individual tom mics and process them as a single group for ease.

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This is an excellent tool when it comes to sculpting a great drum sound as it takes numbers out of the equation and forces you to really use your ears. Achieving great drum sounds takes a huge amount of practice, hard work and attention to detail. The main thing to keep in mind at all times while mixing drums is that each individual element is meant to fit together and form a single, cohesive unit. I hope that this article has given you some new ideas to try out during your next project.

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Be sure to comment below if any of this information has helped you out, or if you have any questions. Thomas Brett is a producer, mixing engineer and songwriter at Brett Brothers recording studio in the UK. Check out the Brett Brothers studio website for more information and articles on all things mixing www. Read Mixing Secrets — Volume 2: Bass here!

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Transient Enhancement : An important part to making your drums poke through a dense mix and sound exciting is attack-enhancement. As you can see from the processed waveform on the first channel, it took around 30ms for the compression to fully kick-in. As a result, we have a nice initial-attack envelope at the beginning of our signal. As you can see, on this setting the compressor is reacting to the signal at a much quicker time of 5ms or so. This processing basically achieves a similar transient enhancement effect to the slow-attack Compression method mentioned above, but without any actual compression taking place.

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Multi-Band Transient Designers: Multi-band transient designers offer even greater control over volume envelopes by allowing the user to manipulate the attack and sustain of individual frequency ranges within the signal independently. Vince's Secret Locker Enhanced Edition Volume 1, a review by the goldenerabookworm Read more After recently receiving a hardcover copy of Vince's Secret Locker, the enhanced edition volume 1, I can tell you that this book is even better than the original volume 1.

With much more content than the original volume 1, such as digitally remastered images and with all articles retyped in clear to read fonts, this book is a pleasure to own and read. It is now pages and well worth the purchase. Get it while you can at www.

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Check the article on strengthsensei. Vince's Secret Locker Volume 2.

A review by the goldenerabookworm! Read more Karl Coyne has done it again with this awesome follow up from volume 1. It really takes off where volume 1 left off. Full of information on Vince's training principles, diet recommendations and philosophies on Classical Aesthetic Bodybuilding, what I also believe is a highlight are the very clear black and white photos of Vince's gym which makes you feel like you're in there, and the rare photos and artwork of the Iron Guru highlighting his immortality.

Highly recommended and available at www. Thumbs up from the goldenerabookworm!

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