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Protesting the Archive: The Artist as Producer

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Benjamin, Walter, The author as producer. The Author as Producer References and quotes are made from and in relation to the text. Points to converse about in the conversation.

The Author As Producer - Cyborg Anthropology

Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading This entry was posted in tp and tagged aaron , author as producer , benjamin , conversation , ma art and media practice , Thinking Practices. Bookmark the permalink. The producer must ask, Where will the work be read?


Who will read it? How will it be manufactured? What other texts and pictures will surround it?

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But we shall make this demand most emphatically when we—the writers—take up photography. Benjamin applauded Dada and Surrealism for challenging the institutions of art, and yet such experimental forms were forbidden in the Soviet state he so admired. In the s, Benjamin met Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, the Hungarian Constructivist whose work as a photographer, typographer, artist, and writer made him a prominent figure at the Bauhaus.

This is the hard schooling of its new form.

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These tools have altered the tasks of graphic designers, enlarging their powers as well as burdening them with more kinds of work to do. Such is the rub of de-specialization. The proletarianization of design offers designers a new crack at materialism, a chance to re-engage the physical aspects of our work. Production is rooted in the material world.

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You prove to him that, without admitting it, he is working in the service of certain class interests. A progressive type of writer does acknowledge this choice. His decision is made upon the basis of the class struggle: he places himself on the side of the proletariat. He directs his activity towards what will be useful to the proletariat in the class struggle.

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