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For a moment they resisted him. A flash of horrible anticipation passed through the bar.

From Splendor to Shadow — Ellen G. White Writings

Then off they came. It was worse than anything. Hall, standing open-mouthed and horror-struck, shrieked at what she saw, and made for the door of the house. Everyone began to move. They were prepared for scars, disfigurements, tangible horrors, but nothing!

Flash God of Death - Darkseid War Complete Story - Comicstorian

The bandages and false hair flew across the passage into the bar, making a hobbledehoy jump to avoid them. Everyone tumbled on everyone else down the steps. For the man who stood there shouting some incoherent explanation, was a solid gesticulating figure up to the coat-collar of him, and then—nothingness, no visible thing at all!

It's just empty clothes. You can see down his collar and the linings of his clothes. I could put my arm—". He extended his hand; it seemed to meet something in mid-air, and he drew it back with a sharp exclamation. It's a confounded nuisance, but I am. That's no reason why I should be poked to pieces by every stupid bumpkin in Iping, is it? You have to be my helper. Help me—and I will do great things for you. An invisible man is a man of power. I remember that night. It was late at night—in the daytime one was bothered with the gaping, silly students—and I worked then sometimes till dawn.

It came suddenly, splendid and complete in my mind. I was alone; the laboratory was still, with the tall lights burning brightly and silently. In all my great moments I have been alone. One could make it invisible! All except the pigments—I could be invisible! It was overwhelming. I left the filtering I was doing, and went and stared out of the great window at the stars.

There's a practical reason for including "The Epic Novel. That doesn't mean this is the best way to do it, but that's why it's there. But to be honest, I probably wouldn't have "The Epic Novel" in there if not for that. The cover art for the novel-length version is better especially at the small sizes on Amazon.

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Here's a direct link to the novel's cover:. If Maelstrom of Light is just the book name, then this is going in the right direction I think. Also, your cover art is not bad.

As cliche or anti-cliche maybe as this may seem, I definately judge a book by the cover art. Do I miss out on some things? Of course I do, but in my mind's eye, if the book can't be coupled with original, enticing art, then I can't be assed wasting my time. But I haven't been able to come up with another series name that I like yet.

It exudes conflict, action, along with your theological basis and struggle.

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I can't advise a name for your series as I haven't a clue where the series is going, nor its intent. And just so you know I'm not just a dick spurting opinions.. I have given title creations much thought and am just offering an outside view : Take it with a grain of salt.

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You've been incredibly helpful, actually. There are already way to much fantasy that follows the "x of y"-formula, so if I saw it in a list among other series I would likely just skim past it. And "Light's Maelstrom" just makes me think of Light from Death note. I hear you. There's always a tough balance as a writer between doing something original and giving readers what they expect from the genre. Go too far in either direction and it can be a problem. In a way, though, I'm kind of glad to hear that some people think it's too much like other fantasy series.

I was more concerned it might be too different. If some people think it's too similar and others think it's too unusual, then I might've found the sweet spot. Thanks very much for your comments! I'm a big reader, but I primarily read sci-fi plus some fantasy, rather than the other way around, so I may not be your exact demographic for this poll. No offense intended to anyone who loves them -- I've read my fair share as well. Based solely on seeing a fantasy book series called "Maelstrom of Light" I wouldn't be interested enough to find out more.

Not to put you on the spot, but are there any titles for fantasy series that have interested you? I'm trying to get a sense of what a great one might look like. Looking at my bookshelf, I think the takeaway from me is that some readers will completely disregard what your intended series title is.

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For instance, Naomi Novik appears to want her series called "The Temeraire series" lame but I remember it by the title of the first book, "Her Majesty's Dragon" great. Another fantasy book I've read recently is The Way of Shadows from the Night Angel Trilogy both good titles that could apply equally well to the series or the first book. For what's worth, I can actually tell you the results of my brother and I browsing through Barnes and Noble for 45 minutes while waiting for someone just a few days ago.

The Souls of Black Folk

We made a list to look up reviews. Between the two of us, we were interested in:. The Forgotten Legion by Ben Kane, based on seeing the cover of The Silver Eagle and being curious about the first book in the series; and. Hard Magic: Book I of the Grimnoir Chronicle, based on the combination of the title and the cover-art which features someone from the '20s with a tommy gun.

From Splendor to Shadow

Based on that highly anecdotal evidence, I'd say make your title and cover clear about what the book is about. That's an incredible response. Thank you. Yeah, that's the thing about the names of series. I think, in general, most of them aren't great when held up to criticism. And the name of the series probably isn't what sells you on the series.

For example, I know in my case that "The Black God's War" the book's title has worked well wrt generating interest and being intriguing enough for fantasy readers. The name of the series is probably a lot less important. I don't know. At least I like 'Maelstrom of Light' and it has subtle meaning on multiple levels. Overall, the first impression people have with 'Maelstrom of Light' is typically positive, although not so much on this reddit forum.

That's probably good enough, though I'm still pondering. You might run an experiment to confirm, but I think you might have gotten a more positive response if you had included the book's title in your original post. Taken as a whole, I like it.