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Keen, hatchet-faced young men, and every one of them was the man who really unravelled some murder mystery or other, though the police got the credit for it. As it is, there may still be some of them round, hiding in the grass with notebooks, and telling one another in whispers that they were the men who really solved the murder mystery.


View in context. Summary: Bad writing and a juvenile plot kill this murder mystery 'Nirdosh' film review: Arbaaz Khan thriller is a painful watch. F you've always fancied yourself as a bit of a super sleuth or an armchair detective then this murder mystery cruise could be just the thing for you. Murder on the high seas but who dun it?

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Mayhem originally published in the U. While the mysteries are solid and intriguing, what really sells this series is the historic detail—particularly the insights into the scarcity of food and other elements of occupation hardship—that bring the time period to life.

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The relationship between the two cops is psychologically complex and progresses with each book, as does the war, which is drawing to a close in the most recent book, Clandestine. March Violets is the first of the Bernie Gunther private detective novels and the first of three books in the Berlin Noir Trilogy. The story takes place in , with subsequent entries in the series playing out against the backdrop of WWII and later books taking Bernie into post-war Germany.

The title is taken from a derisive term Nazi Party members used for new members who joined out of political expediency, and the plot is tightly woven with politics and the gathering clouds of war. Out of the Blackout is a puzzle-box kind of story written by Robert Barnard, whose mystery series about the young black Scotland Yard detective Charlie Peace could not be more different.

Here, a man in postwar London searches for the truth behind the nightmares that haunted him as a child living with a foster family in the country as London was pounded by the German blitz night after night. Barnard upped his game with this one, which is not just a riveting story but a compelling character piece.

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Plus, the reveal is not obvious, which is a bonus. She sees way too many movies.

Every Man Dies Alone is such a great book. Fallada wrote the book in only a few weeks shortly after the war ended, giving the story such an authentic feel.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Fires of London by Janice Law Fires of London the first in a series takes place in wartime London as air raid warden Francis Bacon not yet the celebrated painter he will become—his former nanny is his most avid collector stumbles across a body in a park. Mayhem by J.