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But his plays suggest a deep interest in the efficacy of ritual and the status of symbolic language, matters clearly related to theatre as a representational art. England had a rich theatrical heritage, not only of the religious plays produced by civic guilds that Shakespeare might have seen in his boyhood but also of theatrical performances in the colleges at Oxford and Cambridge and entertainments by players who, as members of noble households, regularly toured the countryside. Theatre historians of the period have found a wealth of evidence in private libraries, guildhalls, and public record offices all over England of provincial performances of all kinds.

Acting Shakespeare's Language

Shakespeare was born into a society that valued popular theatrical entertainment and celebrated many festive holidays with singing, dancing, and theatricals. Although touring and provincial playing were thus well known, the explosion of theatre construction and the formation of professional acting companies in London in the last two decades of the 16th century were unprecedented.

The tremendous popularity of the new London playhouses represented a commercial and artistic opportunity that—we now recognize in hindsight—perfectly suited the expressive gifts of the talented and ambitious newcomer from Stratford. Playwrights must write within the governing theatrical conventions of their time, and this fact would have been axiomatic for a consummate man of the theatre like Shakespeare. Theatre is perhaps the most collaborative and social of the arts, requiring a well-orchestrated network of artisans, financiers, actors, playwrights, playhouse functionaries, and, of course, paying audiences.

It is important to recognize the inspiration that Shakespeare must have found in the other actors, his fellow playwrights, and the audience too.

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Though we do not know the names of the boy actors who played Rosalind and Celia in As You Like It or Viola and the lady Olivia in Twelfth Night , we can recognize—as Shakespeare must have—the histrionic talent required to perform those multilayered comic roles with grace and power. They are indeed the scale by which we can best ascend to the true knowledge and love of him. Shakespeare has inspired not only British and American actors and directors but also performers and filmmakers the world over. His plays are never appropriated by other cultures without change and transformation, but that too is a sign of their remarkable humanity.

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Shakespeare's Genius

Introduction The historical Shakespeare A world of stories. This module will provide you with experiential knowledge that will inform the way you interrogate and interpret performance evidence in a variety of media. Please note: because of the nature of this module it cannot be delivered via distance learning.

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Assessment : Either two performance assignments and a 2,word research paper, or one 4,word research paper. In this module you will undertake a substantial piece of independent research. This may be based on but will extend work undertaken for previous modules in the programme. There should be some element of originality in the research and the research may make a contribution to the field of study. You will report your research in a dissertation of 15, words in appropriate academic English. In designing, carrying out and writing up the study, you will be supported by a supervisor.

Please note that the optional module information listed on the website for this programme is intended to be indicative, and the availability of optional modules may vary from year to year. Where a module is no longer available we will let you know as soon as we can and help you to make other choices.

We charge an annual tuition fee for the campus-based, full-time MA programme.

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Learn more about fees for international students. This guarantee will apply for the full duration of the course, even if the course finishes after the UK has left the EU. Tuition fees can either be paid in full or by instalments. To discover whether you are eligible for any award across the University, and to start your funding application, please visit the University's Postgraduate Funding Database. International students can often gain funding through overseas research scholarships, Commonwealth scholarships or their home government.

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Our usual entry requirement for this programme is a Honours degree, or equivalent, in English or a related subject. However, if you do not meet the academic entry requirements, we would still encourage you to apply and we will consider you for our Affiliate entry route.

Please note that all applications are treated on their merits, and we will review your references, personal statement and past experience alongside your qualifications when considering your application. All prospective students must also submit a sample of written work as part of the online application process. You can do this before you submit your form, or return to the application to upload your sample at a later date; however, we will need to see an example of your work before an offer is made.

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The writing sample should focus on Shakespeare and be around 2, words in length. If you do not have an existing piece of writing to submit, please take a short passage of up to 60 lines from any Shakespeare play and write an essay of around 2, words which discusses the performance possibilities of this extract and how it contributes to the play as a whole.

Academic requirements: We accept a range of qualifications from different countries - our country pages show you what qualifications we accept from your country. If you are made an offer of a place to study and you do not meet the language requirement, you have the option to enrol on our English for Academic Purposes Presessional Course - if you successfully complete the course, you will be able to fulfil the language requirement without retaking a language qualification.

Shakespeare's Tragedies and an Acting Lesson: Crash Course Theater #15

Learn more about international entry requirements. Please review our Entry Requirements before making your application. Please note that the duration of this programme is one year full-time, while part-time study can be up to three years. However, part-time programmes are only eligible for Government Masters Loans if they are no more than twice the length of the full-time version. If you would like the flexibility to study over up to three years, and are not seeking funding, please select the standard part-time application route.

Application deadlines Please note that applications for September have now closed.

Applications for September will reopen shortly. You may wish to register your interest with us to receive regular news and updates on postgraduate life within this Department and the wider University. When clicking on the Apply Now button you will be directed to an application specifically designed for the programme you wish to apply for where you will create an account with the University application system and submit your application and supporting documents online. Further information regarding how to apply online can be found on the How to apply pages. Apply now. Study materials for this programme are enhanced by the close ties that the Shakespeare Institute has with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust , the Royal Shakespeare Company, and the archives associated with both of these institutions.

We have two teaching terms per year, the autumn term and spring term. Term dates can be found on our website. Full-time study is on site in Stratford-upon-Avon and you will typically take three modules in each term, followed by your dissertation. Part-time students can choose to study the whole programme either on-site, primarily by online distance learning or a combination of the two, over up to three years. Please note that some modules are not available to study via distance learning. Each module represents a total of hours of study time, including preparatory reading, homework and assignment preparation, as well as teaching time.

Distance learning modules will combine print, audio, and video teaching methods in order to give students a varied and enriching educational experience. Although self-study is central to doing a programme by distance learning, support is always available. You will have a personal tutor and dissertation supervisor to guide you and answer any questions, and you have access to a wide range of online resources too. You also have the opportunity to meet other students and academic staff through online chats and discussion forums. Read more about distanc e learning with the Shakespeare Institute.

Support with academic writing As a postgraduate student in the College of Arts and Law, you have access to the Academic Writing Advisory Service AWAS which aims to help your transition from undergraduate to taught Masters level, or back into academia after time away. Your degree will provide excellent preparation for employment and this will be further enhanced by a range of employability support services offered by the University. All interpretations, nuances and layers of Shakespeare's stories are revealed in the construction of texts for actors and audiences.

Some students will opt for more literary approaches, others more dramatic but all students will hand in a booklet filled with research on Shakespeare's methods. Shakespearean Performances. Learning from the Greeks Are you child, parent or adult?

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