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Sarah F. In this way, such unpaid labor stopped being work and became, instead, therapy.

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It shows the malleability of the disability label within historical context. If much of the definition of disability is tied to gainful employment, this piece really broadens both the definition of disability and that of work itself. She brilliantly weaves together economic, gender, disability, and policy histories providing new and important insights into the dominant postwar and social movements narratives.

Through a careful reading of a wealth of court cases, state hearings, and newspaper articles, Belt focuses on veterans who experienced mental trauma to challenge the dominant narrative of disabled veterans holding a privileged place among people with disabilities. The result is a major contribution to both Disability Studies and U. Through the case study of a single Union solider Handley-Cousins traces the contentious process, which sought to demarcate disability from ability via the rubrics of gender, racial identity and the state.

Evincing deep archival research with theoretical acumen and a lively and engaging writing style this paper effectively and eloquently blurs the borders of disability. Paul K. Engagingly written and full of profound insights into a wide range of issues, it compellingly demonstrates the significance of disability to modern American culture.

Dea H. Jeffrey A. Brune and Daniel J. Wilson Philadelphia: Temple University Press, , She does so in a manner that is perfectly in line with up to date disability studies perspectives, namely examining history in order to demonstrate that disability the concept as well as the embodied experiences cannot be summarized by adjectives like passive, dependent and repugnant. On the basis of impressive historical source analysis Boster convincingly shows how slaves made use of the category and reality of disability in order to resist their actual living conditions.

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By feigning to be disabled they sought to change their lives for the best — hoping to become free citizens or to be released from work for some time. This is an engaging paper, connecting the histories of slavery and disability and asserting the deployment of disability as a means of agency and empowerment. Measuring Army Deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. National Coalition for Homeless Veterans. Research briefs. Post deployment care for returning combat veterans. J Gen Intern Med.

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Pew Research Center. Kemp J, Bossarte R. Suicide data report, Stigma and demographic correlates of help-seeking intentions in returning service members.

J Trauma Stress. Panangala SV, Bagalman E. Health care for veterans: answers to frequently asked questions. Matthews JL.

War Veterans, Demobilization and Political Activism: Greater Romania in Comparison

VA medical benefits. VA chief resigns in face of furor on delayed care. Senate unanimously approves McDonald to lead the VA. Griffin RJ. Newman L. Types of military discharge.

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Dao J. Vietnam veterans, claiming PTSD, sue for better discharges. Bernton H.

Troubled veterans left without health-care benefits. Seamone E. Reclaiming the rehabilitative ethic in military justice: the suspended punitive discharge as a method to treat military offenders with PTSD and TBI and reduce recidivism. Mil Law Rev. Psychiatric diagnoses and punishment for misconduct: the effects of PTSD in combat-deployed marines. BMC Psychiatry. Philipps D. Surge in discharges includes wounded soldiers.

Philpott T. Discharge upgrades may be possible for vets with PTSD. Army Review Boards Agency. Army Discharge Review Board homepage. Veterans for America. American veterans and servicemembers survival guide. Chapman TM. Leave no soldier behind: ensuring access to health care for PTSD-afflicted veterans. Markowitz FE. Mental illness, crime, and violence: risk, context, and social control. Aggression Viol Behav. Moral injury and moral repair in war veterans: a preliminary model and intervention strategy. Clin Psychol Rev.

Glantz A. Returning home to battle.

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A continued assessment of delays in VA medical care and preventable veteran deaths. Oppel R, Goodnough A. Doctor shortage is cited in delays at VA hospitals. Williamson V, Mulhall E. Invisible wounds: psychological and neurological injuries confront a new generation of veterans. Veterans Health Administration. US Department of Veterans Affairs. Monday morning workload reports.

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Financial incentives for return of service in underserved areas: a systematic review. Job satisfaction and burnout among VA and community mental health workers. Adm Policy Ment Health. Social work in the Veterans Administration hospital system: impact of the work. Soc Work Health Care.

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Burnout in mental health services: a review of the problem and its remediation. Verton D. VA poised to kick-off contract for new scheduling system. Carter P. Terry J. Office of the Under Secretary of Defense. Virtual lifetime electronic record. Mental health care for Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans. Health Aff Millwood. Iraq Veterans Against the War. Operation Recovery: the Fort Hood testimony report, — Available at: www.

Held P, Owens GP. Stigmas and attitudes toward seeking mental health treatment in a sample of veterans and active duty service members.